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Experts Directory: Deposit your work in Open Research Oklahoma

Experts Directory contains only a record of information about your scholarship--in other words, the work itself must be available externally (for example, on the publisher page or on your personal website).

However, you may use Experts Directory to deposit your scholarship directly to Open Research Oklahoma, a repository for scholarly work authored by OSU community members. Open Research Oklahoma is managed and maintained by the OSU Libraries. People viewing your Experts public profile can then download it directly from there. Further, the Library will archive and preserve the work and enhance the visibility and discoverability of the work on Google Scholar and other search engines.

Here are a few examples of ways you might use this service:

  • You have published an article in a subscription journal but retained your right to share the accepted manuscript (did you know most journals allow authors to self-archive their work? Use the SHERPA/RoMEO directory to help locate policies by journal title)
  • You are presenting a poster or slides at a conference and you want to make these available to attendees or others who aren't able to attend
  • Your funder or publisher requires you to make your data publicly available as a condition of funding
  • You have written a white paper or report and wish to make it available to a wider audience


How to Deposit Work to Open Research Oklahoma

  1. Go to Experts Directory menu icon(Menu) > My Work > Scholarly & Creative Works
  2. Locate the record for the item you wish to deposit. If it does not yet exist, check your pending queue or add it manually.
  3. Click the DEPOSIT button on the right side of the box
    • Screenshot of option to deposit work with Deposit button highlighted
  4. You will be given the option to Upload a file from your computer, or Add an OA location.
    • Use Add an OA location if your work is openly available from the publisher or in another location (such as PubMed) and you wish for it to be archived in Open Research Oklahoma as well. This will help ensure a permanent, stable, open copy of your work will be maintained by the OSU Library into the future.
    • Select a File version option. For assistance in determining whether you have permission to deposit your accepted, published, or submitted manuscripts, see #5 below or contact Experts Directory Support.
      • Accepted version:  The version of your work that has been accepted for publication, after peer review but prior to final copy-editing and layout. Many publishers permit you to make this available immediately or after 12-24 months of publication.
      • Published version: An exact digital replicate of the final work.
      • Submitted version: The version of the work submitted to the journal, before undergoing peer review
      • Supporting information: Supplemental information that is secondary to the work. Use this only if you have deposited a primary work (such as a book chapter or journal article).
  5. Depending on the journal you published your article in, you may be provided a tab for SHERPA RoMEO advice on the left side of the page. This connects directly to the SHERPA RoMEO database and provides some information on what the publisher may permit you to deposit and any conditions associated with that. While this information is a good starting point, it is also important to consult your author agreements. Contact Experts Directory Support if you need assistance clarifying your rights.
    • Screenshot of Sherpa Romeo help tab, displaying publisher policies for depositing the work
  6. You will then be given the option to Specify a reuse license. As copyright holder, you may choose to apply a Creative Commons license to your work, giving others the right to share or adapt it without asking you for permission whilst still requiring attribution. Note that if you are depositing an accepted or submitted version of a journal article, the publisher may have licensing requirements. 
  7. By depositing, you confirm that you agree to the Open Research Oklahoma Author License Agreement license. This license specifies that you retain copyright for all items deposited to Open Research Oklahoma and are granting the OSU Libraries with a limited, non-exclusive license to disseminate the item.
  8. Click Deposit. The OSU Libraries will process the item and contact you when it is available. At that point, it will automatically be linked to the item in your Experts public profile, with a Download PDF option for users to immediately download the work, and a View More Information option that will take them to the item record in Open Research Oklahoma.
  9. In addition, in the following weeks the item will be indexed and discoverable in Google Scholar and other search engines.