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Experts Directory: Professional Activity Types

Using an accurate activity type will improve reporting across the university. If you have an activity and you're not sure where to put it, also try the What Goes Where? page.

Professional Activity Types


Administrative efforts

Service as an administrator with a formal administrative assignment (Heads, Deans, Directors, Chairs, Clinical administrators, Co-administrators and Coordinators)



Awards, distinctions received


Clinical service

Clinical services in various settings, such as health center, veterinary clinic, pharmaceutical consultation, psychology clinic


Community engagement activities

Community engagement activities that do not fit into another type



Advisory or consulting services to outside group/agency/government/company


Editorial activities

Editorship for a journal, book series, popular press over an extended period


Employee supervision

Supervision of non-student employees (staff) as part of professional duties


Event administration

Administration of an event as organizer, coordinator, chair, committee member


Event judging

Event judging or refereeing


Event participation

Participation in an event, without an administrative role


Expert witness

Expert testimony at trial, agency review, etc



Fellowship awarded


Gift & fund development

Participation in donor fundraising activity


Institution / Program reviews

Assessment, review, accreditation of a department, program, or an entire institution



Interviews given or conducted


Marketing / Public relations activities

Design/creation of materials for marketing and/or public relations


Memberships: Board

Membership on a board (advisory, executive, etc)


Memberships: Committee

Committee participation (department to international)


Memberships: Professional organization

Memberships in professional organizations


Mentoring: Professional (non-student)

Mentorship of non-student professional



Partnerships established with organizations and businesses

Peer Review: Conferences

Service as a reviewer or referee for a conference or conference prospectus

Peer Review: Curricula

Service as a reviewer or referee for a curriculum or curriculum proposal


Peer Review: Grant proposals

Service on a review panel, study section, advisory group to evaluate grant proposals


Peer Review: Journals

Service as a reviewer/referee of submissions to a journal/periodical


Peer Review: Manuscripts (non-journal)

Service as a reviewer/referee of submissions for a manuscript that is not a journal or periodical


Professional development

Participation in an activity for the purpose of your own professional development



Participation in an applied research or instructional activity not covered by another type. Also useful for linking multiple related activities and publications.


Promotion / Tenure assessments

Review and assessment of faculty for promotion/tenure


Public offices held

Elected or appointed public office