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Experts Directory: Appraisal & Development

Appraisal & Development Overview

In Experts Directory, the Appraisal and Development forms are called Review Processes. If your department has adopted Experts Directory for this purpose, follow the steps or watch the video below to learn how to complete your review:


  1. Navigate to Your Appraisal and Development Review
  2. Add Content to Your Review
  3. Export (Save) Your Review
  4. Submit Your Review


1. Navigate to Your Appraisal and Development Review

In Experts Directory, annual reports are called Review Processes.

  1. Login to Experts Directory.
  2. Go to the Menu, which is three horizontal lines in the upper left corner:
    • Screenshot of Menu Icon
  3. From there, go to the Assessments tab, then to My Assessments.
    • Menu showing Assessment > My Assessments
  4. Select the report for your college and/or department, for example:
    • 2021 College of Veterinary Medicine Appraisal & Development Review
    • The first time you access your review, you will see the Start review process button. Subsequently, you will see the Continue review process button.
      • My review processes page with Start Review Process ButtonScreenshot of continue review processes option
  5. The overview page for the Review appears. Please note the Summary box on the right, which functions as a checklist and a table of contents for your review. Click on a section title, such as Allocation of Effort - 2021, in the Summary box to begin.
    • Screenshot of Allocation of Effort in the Summary Menu
  6. In each section you can view the list of content for that section or add new information (an item or upload) to that section. Follow the steps below to start building your review.


Screenshot of summary menu for Appraisal and Development Review

2. Add Content to Your Review

In each section* of the review, add your activities from Experts Directory, enter new content, or upload documents. Click on a step below to review the detailed support documentation for each section:

  1. Allocation of Effort - 2021
  2. Goals - 2021
  3. Activities impact narrative
  4. Teaching Activities
  5. Scholarly Work - Publications
  6. Works in Progress
  7. Grants
  8. Professional Development and Awards
  9. Service Activities
  10. Rank Advancement
  11. Allocation of Effort - 2022
  12. Goals - 2022
  13. Curriculum Vitae
  14. Comments for Development
  15. Progress toward Reappointment, Promotion & Tenure
  16. Rebuttal Statement

*Note: Navigate through each section using the Summary menu shown in the screenshot above. If you do not see the Summary menu on the right side, widen your window until it appears.


3. Export (Save) Your Review

Save a copy of your review as a PDF or Word Document.


  1. On the right find the gray Summary box, scroll to the bottom where it says, "What next?"
  2. Click the Export to Word or PDF button.
    • Screenshot of Export to Word or PDF button
  3. The Export box pops up
    • Screenshot of Export Report menu
  4. Select the file format: PDF or Word
  5. Click the blue Download as... button.


Screenshot - Confirmation of Move to Department Review

4. Submit Your Review

Complete your review by submitting it to your department head.


  1. On the right find the gray Summary box. Scroll to the bottom where it says, "What next?"
  2. Click the Move to Department Review button.
  3. A Confirmation box pops up. Review the progress/completion of your review. You may want to export your review as PDF (see step 3 above) before submitting it to double check that nothing is missing.
  4. Once you have ensured that nothing is missing, at the bottom of the Confirmation window, click the blue 'Move to Department Review' button. This will submit your review to your department chair and you will no longer be able to edit it.